Wolstenholme: ‘Fodder’ by C. Pike

22 – 29 July 2011 at Wolstenholme Creative Space. ‘Fodder’ A solo exhibition by Artist C.Pike
Preview: Friday 22 July 2011, 19-21.00
Opening Hours: 23-29 July 2011, 12-16.00
Closing Night: Friday 29 July 2011, 20.30 – Live music in association with Behind the Wall of Sleep

WCS, 11 Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool, L1 4JJ

Fodder is a solo exhibition of paintings by Artist C.Pike. The exhibition exposes the phenomenon of the conscious and sub-conscious mind.

The impulse to re-create what we see around us and within us has been a defining point of humanity throughout the world, from early cave paintings, tribal art and all the way up to contemporary artistic practice.

Fodder is an exploration of the journey that these ancient imprinted human ideas of colour and form have taken in the mind bringing them to our present metropolitan jungle.


The paintings suggest that archaic understanding and interpretations of the world around us, represented through the ages and across cultures, have embedded themselves in our modern minds, seeping through and shaping our perceptions.