Wolstenholme Creative Space – RE:Action Exhibition

reaction-100RE:Action Exhibition
15 – 16 March 2011
An exhibition involving performance, video, projection and installation, produced by three young artists who are working to produce a live art event. On the 15th of March (opening 6:30pm with performances from 7pm-8pm). Free entry. *Warning: Adult content.

The artists involved are as follows:

Anna Jennifer Mulhearn (forged Histories) – The work for this project is based on a collection of found photographs of a family that the artist researched intensely. She then decided to involve herself more closely in their lives by editing her image into a ‘family album’ striving to memorialise the dead  and lost by linking them to the living. The artist has also created ‘family videos’ and will be forging documents live on the night in an attempt to juxtapose the false imagery and hopefully evoke some thoughts about the lengths people will go to in order not to be forgotten.

Catherine Rockwood
(modern sexism) – This artist has produced an up to date version of a feminist play ‘Cock and Cunt’ which will be shown on the night. In conjunction with this there will be a performance involving the application and removal of make-up applied as a sort of ‘mask’ for the modern woman. She uses tights as symbolism for the new kinds of restraints and pressures placed on women that come with today’s media infested world

Amos Whiteley (relational aesthetics) – This work, solely performance based, centres around the idea of the artist not actually being an important aspect of art itself. He sees the artist as a ‘freak show’ and will be performing solely for the reaction of the audience, their reactions becoming the work and in a sense deeming the artist obsolete. The actual event will be an endurance test between him and another person that will be slobbery and probably hard to watch…

There will be curry, cake and a bar, free entry and music til late.

For details, email froggy590@msn.com

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