Wolstenholme – Bam Bam Bam

BAM BAM BAM at Wolstenholme Creative Space. Starting from 7 April 2011 over 3 Weekends.
Twenty one artists from across the UK will present a solo show in each of the seven gallery spaces.
The marathon of solo exhibitions begins on Thursday 7th April with seven unique solo shows, the following week, Thursday 14th April, the next seven artists’ exhibitions open, with the final seven opening on Thursday 21st April.

All the artists involved will be experimenting with space, medium and technique. The exhibitions promise to be a mix of some of the most exciting and original contemporary art by some of the art world’s rising stars.

Promising to be challenging, thought provoking and relentless, Bam Bam Bam is an opportunity to see a mixture of what’s happening in the selected artist’s studios right now, a self curated glimpse into their current practice. The artists have been given no common theme, no limit on imagination, no accompanying essay, just the four gallery walls to show their work.

Week One
Thursday 7th April, 6pm Onwards

Simon Alabaster … Reanimation
Milo Brennan … Smoke a Bone
Tom Ireland … The Sum Endeavours of Work to Date
Hamish MacDonald … Everything to Lose
Salma Noor … There Goes Your Manhood
Tessa Power … Luan & George
Richard Proffitt … Saguaro

Week Two
Thursday 14th April, 6pm Onwards


Rhys Coren … The Most Popular Song in the World
Andrew Foulds … Shot Blind With Eyes
Amy Goring … Greetings from the Moon
Fiona McKillop … they fell from the stars
Liny Venables … Dropkick, Palm Strike, Cactus Clothesline, DDT.
Michael & Richard Whitby … Cicac
Alan Williams … Cruise Control

Week Three
Thursday 21st April, 6pm Onwards

Hayley Louise Goodsell … You, Me & Everyone Else
Celia Hempton … Razed Built
Harry Lawson … Even the Stars Look Like a Mess
Philip McHugh … Thank You Phenomenal
David Penny … Outside of the Walls
Jenny Porter … Technicolour
Sam Venables … JT MEGAMIX

Exhibitions are then open on respective Friday, Saturday & Sunday’s, 11am – 5pm