10 – 27 May


WCS Presents | As part of Liverpool Art Month WCS Presents SPECTRUM: 15 solo exhibitions, with 5 Liverpool based Artists, Duos and Collectives from various stages of their careers, exhibiting each week.

A hugely eclectic, unique and exciting roster has been formed that will exhibit work that together spans the myriad of practice, process, medium and concept that makes up the landscape of creative practitioners in a ‘post-08’ Liverpool.

Noisy, political, personal, humorous, intelligent and determined – a reflection of the city’s current creative community.


Adriana Galuppo | Dan Simpkins + Penny Whitehead | Emily Speed | Jason Haynes | Julieann O’Malley | Jo Hicks | Kevin Hunt | Mike Aitken | Nicki McCubbing | Penny Davenport | Rhonda Davies | Ria Fell | Roly Carline | Tomo | Tony Knox

A three-part exhibition opening on the following nights:

Thursday 10 May, from 6pm

Thursday 17 May, from 6pm

Thursday 24 May, from 6pm, feat. Julieann O’Malley’s one-night only performance piece

Gallery Opening Hours Fri – Sun, 12-4pm



  1. SPECTRUM was a Liverpool collective group of artists which held their exhibition at the Liverpool Academy of Arts in October 2010.

    Shame the SPECTRUM group at the Wolstenholme space couldn’t do some research and be more inventive with their name. Hope they’re not mistaken for the 2010 group.


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