Williamson Art Gallery – Transformations


14 November 2009 – 24 December 2009
An Exhibition of jewellery, sculpture, and artwork inspired by simple ideas transformed into beautiful and exciting pieces for display and for sale.

This collection of unique traditional and contemporary work was created by part-time students and staff on the 2007/9 BTEC Art and Design Course at Wirral Metropolitan College, who have come together to exhibit and market their own work.
The pieces include jewellery created from silver, gold, copper, titanium, plastic, paper and polymer clay, and sculpture as varied as a wooden goat, a ceramic corset and a bumble bee. Many display a great sense of fun. There are also paintings, collage, drawings and glass.

This diverse collection reflects the varied backgrounds of the sixteen featured artists, from civil engineering to genetics, before they became professional artists. They include jewellers Barry Canning Eaton and Theresia Cadwallader, award winners of the Liverpool Museum and the V&A’s 2009 “Inspired By…” competitions, and Piet Geboers, sculptor, who was the prize winner of the 2008 Criterion Prize given by the Williamson Art Gallery for his “Raging Bull” sculpture.

In line with this year’s “Liverpool Eco Design” theme, many of the display pieces are transformed from recycled materials, such as metal from scrapyards, driftwood, circuit boards, sweet wrappers. Barry’s “Industrial ”neckpiece and wristband were inspired by the handrails and riveted steel on the bridge at Seacombe Ferry – this wouldn’t look out of place on a catwalk. The steel was found in a scrapyard, and is embellished with silver and gold.

Some of the artists will be happy to take orders and accept commissions.

The artists would like to thank the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, which, through its support, has made it possible to showcase this work.

For further details, please contact Williamson Art Gallery and Museum (see Venue details) or Theresia Cadwallader (exhibition curator) on 07801 659 357, email info@theresiacadwallader.com

‘Copper shell pendant’ Theresia Cadwallader


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