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Williamson Art Gallery – ‘A Private View’ by Grahame Ashcroft

private_view-100‘A Private View’ by Grahame Ashcroft

14 November – 24 December 2009
dot-art is delighted to announce a solo exhibition of the work of Grahame Ashcroft at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, Birkenhead. The collection of work on show will give the viewer a “Private View” into the working processes and career progression of this fascinating artist.

Grahame is a professional artist, based in New Brighton, Merseyside. His paintings are in private & municipal collections, both in the UK & abroad.

His work combines observation, memory and imagination, not always in equal parts. From these basic elements  the images are persuaded towards some kind of coherence. His paintings have been described as “brilliantly coloured, rather magical pieces, including landscapes which have a nostalgic, picture-book quality, like images of a world like ours, but not quite.”

The artist describes his working process:
“Truman Capote said, “My life – as an artist, at least – can be charted as precisely as a fever: the highs and lows, the very definite cycles.” I know what he meant. Inspiration comes and goes – interests germinate and blossom, fade and die away, only to be replaced by fresh blooms – but the compulsion to work remains fairly constant. Sometimes, I feel as though I’m on a treadmill; at other times, the paintings seem to paint themselves. I never know when a painting’s finished. No bells ring. I simply realise I’ve begun thinking about the next one.”

A selection of work is for sale.  Admission is free.

Grahame is represented by Liverpool based dot-art, and a selection of his work can be viewed at

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‘Mythologies (The Peacocks)’ Grahame Ashcroft