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Warrington Museum & Art Gallery: The RPS International Print Exhibition

Saturday 2 Apr 2016 – Saturday 30 Apr 2016

The Royal Photographic Society’s International Print Exhibition is the longest standing exhibition of its kind in the world, having been held almost every year since 1854.

The 158th Exhibition opened in October 2015 at the East London Photomonth International Photography Festival and will continue touring the UK until August 2016. Embracing all genres and styles of photography, the International Print Exhibition combines photographic skill with ideas rich in meaning, message and technique.

This unique selection of 100 images, curated by a panel of renowned photographers and photographic professionals, will ultimately offer something that will challenge your ideas and capture your imagination. “I believe we have selected an exemplary range of work, reflecting different age groups, nationalities and the varying interests, methodology and vibrant aesthetics of the photographic medium today.” Simon Roberts HonFRPS, 2015 Selector

Exhibition Award Winners:
Gold Award: JAN KLOS, Poland, Nelson’s Head, Shoreditch, June 2014. From the series, ‘The Photographic Guide to the Pubs of East London (£1000 + Gold Medal)

Silver Award: FRANK MACHALOWSKI, Germany, Tierwald #70 (£500 + Silver Medal)

Bronze Award: TADAO CERN, Lithuania, Comfort Zone #1. From the series, Comfort Zone (£250 + Bronze Medal)

Under 30s Gold Award: DAVID SEVERN, UK, Miss Mansfield 2013-2014, Nottinghamshire, UK. From the series, ‘Thanks Maggie’ (£1000 + RPS Gold Medal + Metro Imaging Mentorship Prize 12 month tailored mentorship program)

Selection Panel:
Richard Billingham, Photographer and Professor of Fine Art
Louise Clements, Co-founder / Artistic Director of FORMAT International Photography Festival and Artistic Director of QUAD, Derby
Bridget Coaker, Picture editor at the Guardian, Writer and Curator
Dewi Lewis HonFRPS, Publisher and Curator
Simon Roberts HonFRPS, Photographer
The chair of selectors was Roy Robertson HonFRPS, past President of The Society.

Find out more about the exhibition on the RPS website.