Wall to Wall: Marilyn

EWE Warming Up, Santa Monica Beach, 1962_r2On now – TBC
Photographs from the Private Collection of Edward Weston
As a famed art publisher, Weston built his extensive collection over five decades. A pioneer in collecting Hollywood glamour photography, he established it as a form of fine art over 50 years ago. Weston’s archive boasts some of the most evocative images ever taken from the golden era, most notably of Marilyn Monroe.
This collection spans the career of the ultimate Hollywood star, from her early days as an actress in 1948, to her final photo shoot in 1962. Masked by her beauty and sensuality, very few photographers were able to permeate these layers to see the real woman beneath.
Weston built a collection that reaches beyond the lens of the camera, and these intimate portrayals taken by some of Marilyn’s most trusted photographers reveal the very essence of the twentieth century’s most enigmatic film icon.
The work of Laszlo Willinger, Andre De Dienes, Kashio Aoki, and George Barris come together to form this revealing portoflio of the most famous woman of her time. Marilyn was more than just a movie star; her unparalleled beauty personified Hollywood glamour, and her popularity extended far beyond the realms of stardom.
Today Marilyn Monroe remains an inspirational and iconic figure. This portfolio celebrates life beyond the movie set, the life of one of the most photographed figures of Hollywood history.
“With Marilyn I never fall out of love” Edward Weston
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