Wall to Wall Gallery: Marvel and Stan Lee Artwork

16th February – 10th March

Wall to Wall gallery unveils Marvel’s debut fine art collection. Chosen by legendary

comic book editor, Stan Lee, six of the publisher’s iconic covers have been turned

into individual pieces of art.

Some of Marvel Comics’ most celebrated comic book covers have been launched as a limited

edition collection of art entitled ‘Superheroes’ by Wall to Wall, located on the ground floor of the


Chosen, curated and signed by Stan Lee, the six-piece series of limited edition art brings to life

classic comic book covers, including The Amazing Spider-Man, The Invincible Iron Man, X-Men,

The Avengers, The Silver Surfer and The Incredible Hulk. Created using specialised techniques and

materials, the striking artwork reflects the vivid and powerful legacy of Marvel.

Fans will instantly recognise the significant covers illustrated by some of the world’s most acclaimed

comic book artists, including The Incredible Hulk Special #1, which TV presenter and well-known

Marvel lover, Jonathan Ross, believes is the greatest comic book cover of all time, created by the

greatest comic book cover artist ever, Jim Steranko.

Jen Spencer, manager at Wall to Wall, said: “This collection showcases some of the most iconic

comic book covers ever to have been created, featuring some of the most renowned characters ever

to have been developed. The artwork itself is not only incredibly striking – the intense colours, the

bold lines and the way in which the essence of each superhero is captured in just one frame – but

each cover communicates a wonderful narrative.”

“What Stan Lee and his artists achieved here was to tell a story in just one image. The

communicative style of this kind of art tells us about humanity, the struggles, the triumphs, the

trials, the tribulations and that, is something everyone can identify with.“

As editor at Marvel from 1941, Stan Lee led the expansion of the company from a small division in a

publishing house to a large multimedia corporation, dubbed The Marvel Revolution, making it the

most popular and collected comic brand in the world.

Commenting on creating the iconic superheroes, Stan Lee said: “To start I think about what quality I

can give the hero that makes them unique, that hasn’t been seen before, but is still logical. And then,

I think about how I can make people care about the superhero. Coming up with the super power is

almost easy, making a reader think ‘why do I want to read more about this guy?’ that’s the hard part.

“Spiderman is the perfect example of this. He’s a teenager with money problems and girl problems;

a hero the average reader can empathise with. I spent more time on Spiderman’s personal life than

the action and used more ‘thought balloons’ for him than any other character.

“I’m incredibly lucky to have worked with amazing artists in an atmosphere where we were always

thinking ‘what we can do next?’ The new characters we created – The Hulk, Spider-Man, X Men –

changed Marvel and attracted the fan base. I’m lucky to have been – and still be – a part of that and

I enjoy every minute.”

Marvel’s debut fine art collection, ‘Superheroes’, is available to view and buy at Wall to Wall gallery,

located on the ground floor of the Metquarter, 35 Whitechapel. Comprising six prints, The Amazing

Spiderman #50; The Incredible Hulk Special #1; The Silver Surfer #4; The Invincible Iron Man

#47; Giant Size X-Men #1; The Avengers #146, individual pieces in the series start from £695.