Wall to Wall Gallery: ‘Born On A Rainy Day’ Billy Connolly

Wall to Wall Gallery:  ‘Born On A Rainy Day’ Billy Connolly

17th March

On Saturday 17th March, we will be celebrating a release of artwork
by Billy Connolly at Wall to Wall Gallery, situated on the first
floor of The Home Quarter, Liverpool ONE.
This exhibition will launch on Saturday 17th March, and all are
welcome to the unveiling of this exciting release of artwork by the
ever-talented Billy Connolly. ‘Born On A Rainy Day’is a series of
drawings, created by Connolly over the last two years. Working in a
style which could be described as surrealist automatism, Connolly has
conjured a series of intriguing characters in pen and ink. These
charming and thought-provoking characters, seemingly without identity,
are a product of Connolly’s vivid imagination; real and recognisable
yet portrayed in a surreal, dreamlike way. These works will also be
available to purchase at Wall to Wall Gallery from just £395



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