ViewTwo: A Journey to the Places and People of the Mersey

Peter.Liver7 – 16 November

Open 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16 November

Solo Exhibition by Peter Appleton, Winner of the Richard Robbins Award 2013

A selection of his degree work with the Open College of the Arts plus a collection of recent paintings.

Born in St. Helens, here on Merseyside, Peter has grown to love the urban environment that has always surrounded him. His work represents something of a journey for him, as he spend years away from Merseyside, firstly to further his education, and subsequently to pursue his career. His career was focussed around urban design and housing, and it was only since finishing work he has launched himself into his lifelong passion for painting. Now he is back in Merseyside his journey has come full circle and he has spent time rediscovering places he has known, and falling in love with them all over again, while capturing the spirit of the place in his paintings. Much of the work is completed on site using litter picked up from the floor, and used in the collage, to give a strong sense of place.


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