View Two – Tom Palin

Image‘A Room With a View 2’
Exhibition runs Jan 17 to Feb 9 2008

Almost magically, the very stuff of paint (in this or that juxtaposition) can compel sensation or contemplation, allowing the onlooker an escape from the immobilising limitation of the present to a place outside. A painting is no more or less than a room with a view—a view where visibility can become clear only in the act of feeling.


Born in Birkenhead in 1974, Tom Palin studied Fine Art at LJMU and recently completed an MA in Art History at the University of Manchester. He has exhibited widely, including a solo show at The Yorkshire Scuplture Park entitled Pride of Place: A Painter’s Perspective and undertaken residencies in Dublin, Munich and Prague.

He has won awards including The Hunting Arts Prizes’ Young Artist of the Year Award and Gilchrist-Fisher Memorial Award for Landscape Painters. He lives and works in Merseyside.

For this exhibtion, Tom presents an intimate body of paintings which have evolved since his previous exhibition, A Room with a View, at The Atkinson Gallery, Southport.