View Two – Revolution in Evolution

imageRevolution in Evolution.    By  Prenton High School for Girls. 12-14 February 2009
An exhibition of scientific art, to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of  the birth of  Charles Darwin.
A collaboration of work by the students of Prenton High, Park High, Rock Ferry High and Upton Hall, funded through the Rolls Royce Science Prize.

Working with fine artist Philip Garrett, students experienced an approach that linked both science and art, and has its roots in the teachings of Italian renaissance masters such as Leonardo Da Vinci.

The exhibition is the resulting art work, produced by the students after several days of scientific study on the topic of  Natural Selection.

The students have produced sculptures, posters and film.  The exhibition will be followed by a public debate on the theme of Evolution, later in the year.

The Rolls Royce science prize celebrates and rewards excellence in science teaching and teamwork.

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