View Two – Mike Absalom

small imagePeninsula by Mike Absalom
Exhibition May 15 to June 7 2008

Building on Irish artist Mike Absalom’s successful exhibition My Irish Eyes on Liverpool in 2007 at View Two, he returns in 2008 with The Peninsula



In 2007 Mike spent a number of weeks visiting the remote Mullet Peninsula in the Barony of Erris, one of County Mayo’s last Irish speaking enclaves. The original purpose of the visit was to gain a working knowledge of gaeilge but he soon found himself in Black Sod, Aghleam and An Geata Mór giving puppet shows for the children and playing the harp for their parents.


The series of paintings The Peninsular is the fruit of his experiences on this strange, stormy and magical coast.
Mike returns again in October for the Liverpool Irish Festival to present paintings made in response to his engagement with the Irish community in Liverpool.

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