View Two – John Baldwin

Exhibition ImageJohn Baldwin – ‘There is no Story’
Exhibition: 17 July – 9 August 2008

John Baldwin was born in 1946 in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire and currently lives in Silverdale. He has had recent exhibitions in London and Pamplona and been instrumental in the campaign to preserve Kurt Schwittter’s Merzbarn in the Lake District.


John is a self-taught painter who attended Art College in the 1960’s – where he stopped painting. He then worked variously as a designer, rock promoter, teacher, potter, factory worker, gardener and managing director, before returning to painting.

“I tried everything else, work, money, travel, drugs, alcohol, religion, sex, but in the end there was only painting left… I was 44 and I had an undying belief in painting, which bordered on the spiritual, I had painted nothing since my teens, it was a complete act of faith. I sold everything and started to paint full time. I have never regretted it.
“I began this series of paintings around 1995… commercially available artist’s paints were found to be inadequate, so I started making my own acrylic paints and gels, which have been refined and developed to produce the characteristic striped paints now used.” JB