Friday, June 9, 2023

View Two – Ian Irvine


‘Poison Bingo and Other Tales’ work by Ian Irvine
12 – 27 March 2010

Ian is an artist based in Manchester, but born in Liverpool, and has been exhibiting since 1995. His main medium is screenprint, often used in combination with household paint and other media, and is primarily influenced by Pop Art and Surrealism.

“I draw on an archive of printed material and ephemera to choose images which might suggest themes or narratives, or are inspired by song titles or common phrases. Hence, the work is littered with pop culture references from films, pop songs, everyday objects,or the work of other art and artists.

Overall, the work aims to provoke and entertain with with a combination of images, colour, themes and a sense of humour.”

Ian has exhibited widely, but particularly in the North West, most recently in an exhibition called ‘Notion Pictures’ at Salford Art Gallery.