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imageRobot Paints For You
2 – 4 & 9 -11 July 2009 (EXTENDED)
Artists Wayne Hill & James Diable present Optimus Wayne, an Art Robot that you can control via pressure pads.


Exhibition: Optimus Wayne will be working at all times on these dates
Thursday 2 July 12-17.00
Friday 3 July 12-17.00
Saturday 4 July 12-17.00


Thursday 9 July 12-17.00
Friday 10 July 12-17.00
Saturday 11 July 12-17.00 

I am Optimus Wayne I am an art robot

I’ve recently been collaborating with Wayne Hill and James Diable and the unsuspecting public to create the robotic paintings of the future.


My assisstants play on the connotations that I am a process for mass production, traditionally seen as an enemy of individuality.

The artists work as my apprentices. In public showings the audience are given the chance to be both the viewer and the apprentice, controlling my robotics with an array of pressure pads thus challenging who the artist actually is.

I have no feelings or ego, these privileges are for my assistants and maybe whoever has control of my pressure pads. So the public are the Artists and we are the servants to the machine that is the public.

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