View Two – Fruitopia. Luli Barzman

Exhibition Image‘Fruitopia’ by Luli Barzman. Exhibition 14 August to 13 September 2008
Barzman’s 2008 “Fruitopia” collection, 30 photographs blending stark nudes and brilliant cascading tropical fruits marks her first exposure on the Liverpool scene.

The exhibition is the culmination of two years work by Barzman, whose fascination with the body first influenced her early artistic oeuvre as filmmaker working internationally with dancers and musicians. Her interest in the organic nature of our world and the intimate link between the food we eat and what we eventually become, inspired Barzman to create images with nude subjects playing and experimenting with fruit in vibrant colourful compositions.

image“One of the most exciting and crazy periods in developing this collection was the radish throwing ! “,says Barzman, ” involving spontaneity, joy, and dance. My models love the experience and lose themselves in the sessions. “

” Liverpool’s essence as a place of exchange for richly varied produce and cultures is ideal for my work, ” said Barzman . ” Mathew Street was once full of fruit and vegetables and the gallery was a banana warehouse. “

LULI BARZMAN – photographer
From university studies in film, photography and art history at the University of
California, Los Angeles (UCLA),1984 , Luli Barzman went on to direct several
short, formally inventive films addressing issues related to women’s bodies.
They exemplify Barzman’s lifelong fascination with the surreal and bold
experimentation with color.
Now based in Paris, Barzman has created several contemporary dance portraits
or cine-poems celebrating the body – shot by the director herself on location
around the world: Back to Kinshasa (about Faustin Linyekula; Republic of
Congo) and The 1001 Lives of Lia Rodrigues (Brazil) have screened in museums
and other prestigious venues (Beaubourg, Cartier Foundation, House of Latin
America, National Dance Centre in Paris, etc.), as well as at international film
festivals (Rio de Janeiro, Milan, Montreal, Oslo, Taiwan… )
This knowledge of the human body, this intimate experience with great artists in
dance has enriched Barzman’s photographic work. Two series of photographs
emerge from Barzman’s playful and formal experiments in a cityscape: Marche
Marriage (1998) features a young woman in a beautiful wedding gown
performing household tasks around and about the city of Nice.

imageA Tutu in the City (2001) imagines a break with the anonymity of Paris when a young woman
wearing an enormous red tutu challenges unsuspecting Parisians to relate to her.
2002 saw the start of Barzman’s photographic project “Fruitopia,” first exhibited
at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. Since 2006 Barzman has
amplified the project and now devotes all her time to it. Thirty images from
“Fruitopia” will be shown in Liverpool in August 2008 in conjunction with the city’s
Cultural Capital of Europe celebration.


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