View Two – 682 Miles

image‘682 Miles’ 06 – 29 November 2008
The first exhibition organized by the European Artists Exchange Platform presents varying approaches, from realistic to abstract, of contemporary German painting.


Artists: Julieta Figueroa, Hartmut Hahn, Christian Hoffmann, Marianna Krueger, Nicolas Weiser, TriPhaze

imageChristian Hoffmann’s work abstracts landscape, exploring aspects such as mirror phenomena played out between water and figures. His attempt is not to create realistic representations of objects and reality, rather he searches for the translation of vitality and the soul of the inexpressible. He graduated with a MFA from the University der Kuenste in Berlin in 1995.

 Marianna Krueger, a postgraduate of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig in 2003, reflects in her work procedures of representation, illusion and the creation of ideals. She describes her work as a process of “trying to manipulate media imagery by viewing its icons through a filter that liberates the person from their programmed context. Thus the media image as a fragment of a defined personality evolves into a complex character. The personified object becomes replaced by a real person.”

Hartmut Hahn constructs compositions based to a great extent on ways of quotation by using labels from a variety of products, packages and branding. As a result surreal situations appear and trigger unconscious memories, which make the audience wonder where they might have perceived before some elements contained in the work. He graduated with a MFA at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig in 2003.


The exhibition programme will be complemented by live performances by Chilean dance artist Julieta Figueroa and the audiovisual artists TriPhaze and Nicolas Weiser from the experimental electronica label Privat Electro.

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