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Gallery4allarts – Charity Exhibition and Auction

logoCharity Art Exhibition and Auction
16 – 30 October 2010
Open day: Saturday 30th October 12-5pm & Auction: Saturday, 30th October. 3pm.
SMLLCA Fundraising Charity project for a new Minibus: “Minibus & Meet me at Sunset

Please join in or spread the word.

Artists supporting this project so far:
Nicole Bartos, Fanchon Frohlich, Sue Ironfield, Daniel John, Nagachoo, Juan delGado (video), Gisele Nzolameso (video), The Cutting Room: Jennifer Ross, Clare Harris, Claire McCann (video), Gruppo Sinestetico & Sassu Antonio (video).

Venue: Gallery4allarts
Gallery 1 80 Lark lane, The Old Police Station, Liverpool L17 8UU Contact: 07756912911
Gallery4allarts 07756912911