Liverpool Victoria Museum: On The Red Wall

26 June –  27 October  2012

‘The Paintings come about in a circular sequence like pieces in a jig-saw and exist as families or pairs.

The impasto is a result of reworking and a desire to give substance to light itself. A necessity to simplify

allowing colour to be an equivalent to space and volume comes into conflict with a pressure to give

detail. Space to me has a certain density and texture which is rippled or distended by our movement or

presence. Then wraps itself around us as gravity.


I cut space up and open it out onto the picture-plane-surface incorporating the viewer. Occasionally this

is bent tilted or split with a combined high and low view. Naturally one is nurtured by the Old Masters

particularly the Siennese Venetian and Dutch Schools. I borrow from a multitude of sources which are

changed slightly. The antecedent to my work goes directly to Paul Cézanne.’ CW 2012

Christine Watson creates fascinating images which appear simplified. Closer inspection reveals their

detailed composition, underpinned by a highly textured paint surface. They intriguingly balance positive

elements such as beckoning views, meetings and sunlight with darker ideas like blood, deserts, and


Christine Watson studied at the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design and the Royal College of Art,

London. Born on the Wirral, she is currently based in Chester.