Unity Theatre – Little by Little

little-by-little-100 Little by Little – Anthony & Nathan Pendlebury
10 March – 19 April 2010 (Extended)
A two man exhibition of smaller paintings, drawings, and photographs by Anthony & Nathan Pendlebury, the father and son artists. This will be the first preview that Anthony has attended since he began his recovery from a stroke in December 2008.

The exhibition features as the title suggests, a range of smaller sized works by both artists, ranging from dark and moody abstract landscape paintings on vinyl, to minimal abstract drawings, to black and white photographs. Although the exhibition is not the first since Anthony had a stroke, it signifies a significant move forward, and will feature work never seen before by both artists.

Venue Details

Anthony Pendlebury ‘Lakeside’, Aerosol & Acrylic Pain on Vinyl. 2008