Unity Theatre – Jane Adams

image Jane Adams Solo Show.
17 June – 1 August 2009

Printmaker, Jane Adams, was born and raised in Liverpool and trained at Liverpool John Moores University. As well as producing paintings and prints for a growing audience, she has developed strong links with local communities by providing Art for All workshops and facilitating collaborative projects. This exhibition looks at the wonderful features of Liverpool’s architecture, particularly those which are disappearing or are significant to the lives of ordinary people.

My inspiration for this exhibition comes from my journeys through the city. It is the architecture, humble or grand, and its obvious connection to the past, which ignites my curiosity. Our personal histories are anchored in our geography. A snapshot of a particular place can spark strong memories and emotions. I am always amazed at how Art can arouse such responses and I love being part of the process.

visit: janearts.co.uk

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