Unity Theatre – 30 Years Present

unity_front_004small-100Unity Theatre – 30 Years Present  
7 September – 2 October 2009

To celebrate 30 years of unity in Hope Place we asked artists who have exhibited here over the last 30 years to donate a piece for exhibition for a month. We are delighted to see that 32 artists answered the call. Represented are artists from eight different countries, Australia, Chile, Croatia, Germany, France, Nicaragua, England, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

Exhibiting artists:

Susan Ironfield, Colin Serjent, Ian Smith, Emma Gregory, Jane Hughes, Mark Harrison, Iain Sloan, Iain Templeton, Ian Smith, Michelle Burrows, Dusko Sibyl, Christine Toh, Sue Lucine, Matthew Fraser, Isabel Toledo, Paul Hardcastle, Karla Ambrosius, Paul Clarkson, Terry Kane, Faith Bebbington, Nathan Pendlebury, Anthony Pendlebury, Carlos Alberto Ayala, Stiky, Claire Stringer, Mick Gill, Robert Cook, George Lund, Alex Wolkowicz, Jon Barraclough, Stephen Appleby and Louise Flooks

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