Unit 51: Simon Job and Rob Battersby

unnamed3 – 30 October 2014

Open daily


Preview: Thursday 2nd October, 6-8pm at Unit 5, Baltic Creative, Jamaica Street, Liverpool, L1 0AF

This exhibition showcases the work of two artists who use the same vocabulary to speak about different themes.

Simon Job edits his images both digitally and physically to remove human elements from natural landscapes. Un-natural content such as power lines, roads, people and vehicles are crudely camouflaged in an attempt to restore an uneasy version of nature. The work reminds us of an ever growing human presence and an ever shrinking wilderness.


Rob Battersby works intuitively with the marks that are inherent in his medium format: photographs. Shot on an old Rolleiflex camera, the negatives are scanned and made digital at which point the artist manipulates the existing analogue imperfections to alter the construct of the original image. The images become an experimental composite of the digital and the analogue.

Find out more about the artists: simonjoboutput.tumblr.com / cargocollective.com/rjbattersby