Threshold Festival 2014: Visual Arts

This year, Threshold Festival is bigger and better than ever, with a whole host of amazing visual artists taking part. Here you can find a full list of exhibiting artists, along with venue information.

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Palmer Hill Building on the corner of Brindley Street & Caryl Street in the Baltic Triangle

Visual Art

Danny O’ Conner, Tommy Graham, Mark Chapman, Pippa Jayne Sterrit, Leon Jakeman, Sarah Nicholson, Sophie Green, Karen Henley, David Hand, Karl Patrick & Tone, Adam Collier, Jazamin Sinclair, Amy Freeman, ArchiPhonic

The Baltic Social, 25 – 29 Parliament Street, L8 5RN
Visual Art
That Girl

Arena Studios and Gallery, 1st Floor Elevator Building, 27 Parliament Street, L8 5RN
Visual Art
Graham Smilie


90 Squared, 2nd Floor Elevator Studios, Parliament Street L8 5RN

Visual Art
Robyn Woolston
Friday 28 March – Beauty’s Perception
Saturday 29 March, 18.00  – John Bruun
Unit 51, Baltic Creative, Jamaica Street, L1 0AF
Visual Art
Michael Kirkham

Baltic Bakehouse, 46 Bridgewater Street, L1 0AY

Visual Art
Sharon Old, Sparkle*, Curiosity Arts

Visual Art
Alice Lenkiewicz, Kieran, Barbara Harrison

District, 61 Jordan Street (The old Picket)
Visual Art
Tommy Graham (Live Painting)

Siren, 54 St James Street,L1 0AB
Visual Art
Danny O’Connor (Live Painting)

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