Walker – Terry Duffy ‘Standing Stones’

image 1STANDING STONES by Terry Duffy
Exhibition April 26 to June 8 2008

The title Standing Stones is a metaphor for humanity. It expresses Duffy’s long-term fascination with humankind’s legacy and the decisions made for good or evil by individuals, groups, societies and cultures.

Duffy’s work questions the very nature of painting by producing works of ambiguous and sculptural shapes. In his work brush strokes all but disappear within a membrane of colour and the slightest scratch, blemish or incision becomes crucial.

Standing Stones features three fascinating pieces, including the first display of the diptych Somewhere between life and death we make decisions 2008.

image 2

This diptych further demonstrates Duffy’s interest in experimenting in oils on sheer ‘hot pressed board’ which he rips away creating dynamic shapes that suggest the human form whilst retaining ambiguity.

The display also features the large RS Thomas Triptych, which formed the centre piece of the poet RS Thomas’ commemoration at the Welsh Assembly, Cardiff in 2000. The work portrays in abstract form the passion and intensity of this internationally renowned poet. The triptych has previously been exhibited in London and Berlin.

In the diptych Poem in the rock, completed in 2002, shape appears to act as a visual metaphor for the human torso, created with vibrant colours. The overall work suggests a positive sense of humanity.

Terry Duffy says: “Standing Stones will provide a fascinating and unique opportunity to contrast these unpredictably shaped spatial abstracts against the vast classical symmetry of the Walker Art Gallery”.

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Standing Stones is the first of a series of exhibitions by Terry Duffy to be held at various venues in Liverpool during its year as European Capital of Culture.


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