Walker – John Moores Prize 25

peter mcdonald imageJohn Moores Contemporary Painting Prize 25.
Exhibition 20 September – 4 January 2009
This exhibition marks the 25th John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize and 50 years since the first John Moores Liverpool exhibition was held at the Walker Art Gallery in 1957. As in previous years, this exhibition profiles the best established and emerging artists from across the UK. Today’s John Moores prizewinners and exhibitors will be the future stars of the art world.


The shortlisted entries demonstrate that far from being ‘old-fashioned’, an artist’s decision to paint is exciting and challenging. The paintings have absorbed the legacy of conceptual art and incorporated it into the work; they are not in opposition to it. The works, selected from a record 3,222 submissions, represent the best of the UK’s current and future painting talent.

This year’s impressive selection ranges from portraiture, landscape and still lives to abstracts. The subject matter draws inspiration from the animal kingdom (Oportuno III by Georgia Hayes) to childhood experiences (The Baptism by Neil Rumming, who once witnessed a horrendous car crash and Nought Lovely but the sky and stars by Kit Poulson, who found what he thought was a UFO as a child). Woman surprised by a werewolf by Stuart Pearson Wright is inspired by the film An American Werewolf in London, whilst Cadet Congo Ganja by Tim Bailey draws from both Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now. The shortlist includes previous John Moores exhibitors and first time entrants.




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