Merchant Taylor’s Girls’ School: The Collaborator Project

Palefroi_liverpool11 November – 16 December

Merchant Taylor’s Girls’ School Art Department have organised a unique and innovative project which spans several tiers of art & design learning from A level to degree and professional art practice as well as forging important cross cultural links- The Collaborator project ( involving Berlin based art collective the Palefroi , Liverpool’s largest and oldest state school Allsops and LJMU School of Art).

Students  and staff will collaborate to make silkscreen prints and  zines. The project kick starts with an exhibition at the schools’ gallery- The Vitreum.

Palefroi are a collective of artists based in Berlin. Their work is silkscreen based and explores collaborative and personal outputs through zines, prints and gig posters.

Imagery is cut up and juxtaposed from a range of sources and the work hovers between the comic and popular culture as well as the abstract and surreal. Overall the Palefroi output may be classified as a crossover between both Fine Art and Graphic Design disciplines.  Another key element of the work is the collaborative process, which involves different artists contributing a range of visual elements to the prints. Therefore pop imagery can sit easily next to automatic drawing and abstract textures as well as text. The work has many layers in different voices and is a melting pot of ideas and different cultural and art historical references.

Palefroi artists Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff who are rated amongst the leading graphic designers in Europe have been invited over thanks to both schools’ Art  Depts  joining  forces to fund the project.  The project will culminate with a school visit to Berlin where the art work produced will be displayed in the city.


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