Calderstones Park – Art from the Square Summer Exhibition

imageArt from the Square Summer Exhibition
15 – 28 June 2009
The Coach House, Calderstones Park
An eclectic mix of paintings,drawings and prints produced by a group of Merseyside artists.

Participating artists are:

Anne Beare, Deborah Butler, Mary Campbell, Gill Curry, Sarah Denvir, George Drought, Liz Fielding, Dennis Green, Mike Hatjoullis, Sandra Hepworth, Grace Horne, Eddie Scott Jones, Irene Jones, Martin Jones, Peter Philip, John Ratcliffe, Kevin Reilly, Brian Roe, Cathy Turner.

The exhibition which is held usually 3 or 4 times a year, in the Coach House in Calderstones Park, is called ‘Art from the Square’, formerly called  ‘Art in the Square’, when the artists exhibited in Clayton Square in Liverpool City Centre.

Venue details:
The Coach House, Calderstones Park
Menlove Avenue, Liverpool L18 3JD




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