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Calderstones – Bugs and Beetles

imageBotanical, Bugs and Beetles at The Coach House, Calderstones Park 17 – 23 November 2008
Your favourite plants and beetles are portrayed in thousands of tiny dots.

Botanical, Bugs and Beetles sees the Pointillism works of Pamela Cooke. All the works are made from thousands of tiny dots or strokes to depict various plants and insects.

The artist chose only to work in black and white using pen and ink to represent the subjects in an unexpected manner, in the hope that by erasing all of their colour, some viewers may see it as taking away from the beauty of the subject, however, Cooke believe this makes the viewers look more closely and understand the make up of the subject as well as being able to see it in a way that would not usually be shown.

Cooke believes “in black and white drawings, the painstaking dots one next to the other in shades of black, create a clarity of detail that is unmatched in other drawing disciplines.

With colour, the artist is able to show emotion on canvas… with black and white, emotions are pulled from the viewer.”