Monday, October 2, 2023
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Lauries Centre – Zero BLank Eye Candy

zeroeyecandy-100Zero BLank Eye Candy
ongoing exhibtion – 2010

A new collaborative work by Chito Salarza-Grant (UK/Philippines) with Maeshelle West-Davies (Germany) based on Facebook global linkages, an established triptych braille work by Leon Jakeman, join new sculptural + canvas works by Simon Mack.

Zero BLank Eye Candy is an evolving art exhibtion by Simon Mack and invited artists from Merseyside, Philppines, Japan + Germany reacting to and commenting on contemporary issues,consumerism and personal coping narratives. Now showing at the Lauries Centre – Birkenhead.

Blank – absence of progressive ideology, nothing to say, nothing to believe in, secular consumerism

Zero – nil, start afresh, from zero

Eye Candy – pretty, appealing to the masses without content..

Evolve – to progress, move forward

Venue details

Simon Mack ‘Protecting the Innocent’