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Lauries Centre – “Urban Static” photography by Luan Lawrenson-Woods

luan-people_hole-100“Urban Static” photography by Luan Lawrenson-Woods
14 September – 9 November 2009 at Atrium Gallery
First photography exhibition by Luan Lawrenson-Woods. Like many people nowadays – Luan has simply used her mobile phone to capture the urban scenes here, as she experienced them, but has produced a compelling “other-liness” to what we all see in our daily urban lives.  Also showing “sand,air,water” photography by Leah Dawn at 1st Floor Gallery.  Both shows curated by Simon Mack.

Luan says of her work:
I started capturing these images in 2008, as I wanted to explore different ways in which I could look at my home city; how I could become a visual tourist within Liverpool’s urban landscape. We are constantly bombarded and bamboozled with images to the extent that we become less aware of the landscapes that surround us. The vibrancy of colour, contrasts of texture and the patterns created by shapes of a familiar landscape can often become an invisible backdrop to our lives, disappearing into a blur of visual ‘static’.

The negative effect used to take these images highlights otherwise indistinct detail, applying ‘alien’ colours to everyday objects which, along with the ghostly figures, creates a strange, and in some cases ominous, atmosphere providing an alternative viewpoint of the familiar.

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‘People Hole’  Luan Lawrenson-Woods