Lauries Centre – “-this[was-now]-”

15 March – 24 May 2009
Simon Mack – Solo Exhibiton.  Mixed media works promoting discussion on the current financial meltdown, society and ownership…

 Simon Mack’s work continues to be inspired in particular by the Russian Constructivist artists : Malevich and Rodchenko, as much as by contemporary street art and graphic design from which much present day graphic design is derived from their earlier aesthetic.  It is their social and artistic vision where social utopianism and radicalism from 1909 onwards where present day capitalist dysfunctions of the latest financial meltdown, a hundred years later in 2009 that still resonates.

“-this[was-now]- “ is Simon’s return solo art exhibition after his first solo at the Lauries in 2007.  It is hoped it promote discussion regarding  the present financial and economic downturn, issues of corporate ownership and the processes involved , and how it affects all of us in return.

The Lauries Centre
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