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Lauries Centre – Colin Reid “Re-collection” Solo Painting

colin-reid-100Colin Reid : “Re-collection” Solo Painting
9 November 2009 – 3 January 2010

The exhibition is a collection of memories, which attempt to represent ourĀ  experiences truthfully and the way these memories are translated, into a sensory shorthand. Exhibition curated by Simon Mack.

Colin’s paintings are the representation of a memory unable to be fully recalled with all detail diminished, of compromised memory and that interpretation affects all of our experiences. an edited account of events, a kind of meeting in the middle in an no mans land for us all – be it lost memories, a blackout from a drunken night out, a forgotten lover’s kiss,the ending of a blurred dream, the hurt from a distant broken heart.

The internationally regarded work of Luc Tuymans offers a comparative context.

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Colin Reid