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Lauries Centre – Angie McCormick “Elemental 5”

angie-lauries-100Angie McCormick “Elemental 5”

23 November 2009 – 31 January 2010
Solo sculpture exhibition by Angie McCormick.  Having completed her Fine Art degree at WMC in summer 09, Angie has already completed several commissions including murals in Bosnia, Paintings at the Amber gallery in London and has exhibited overseas and on Merseyside to date.  “It is my pleasure to be able to offer Angie’s extraordinary sculptures an exhibition space at the Lauries Centre into early 2010.”  Exhibition curator Simon Mack.

“I am in pursuit of beautiful serendipity.  I crave the perfect curve or twist.  Organic undulations weave through my mind searching for an idea to rest upon.  Grace, beauty and dynamism are the qualities I aspire to. Light is an intrinsic part of my work.  It highlights the forms I create as it glides along the surfaces.  My work is concerned with fluid forms that echo the movement of water.

I seek to express my passion for all things graceful, beautiful and dynamic so that the viewer’s heart may sing with delight.

My influences are Anish Kapoor, Ron Arad, Santiago Calitrava and Shinichi Maruyama.” – Angie McCormick

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