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Lauries Centre – “Continuities” Alice Lenkiewicz Solo Show

image“Continuities” Alice Lenkiewicz Solo exhibition
20 July – 14 September 2009

Alice Lenkiewicz’s exhibition is a variety of mixed media and photography.
Alice has exhibited widely over the last twenty years on Merseyside, Oxford, Brighton, and further afield living and exhibiting in the U.S and Germany. She presently runs and curates group art shows under her own Toxteth Arts Gallery which has exhibited in the prestigious Novas CUC centre.

Much of her inspiration for this exhibit has stemmed from the Dadaists and avant-garde of the early twentieth century and is found in her work here with her “Grandmother’s Mother” triptych of mirrors. Further continuities are to the ‘found object’ have always been of particular interest to Alice who has used pieces of found junk and wood, creating a series of fascinating compositions.  Further abstract images are shown here were taken on walks through the Liverpool recently at various times of the day which show cunning use of shadows in her photographs, that echo Cartier-Bresson amongst other masters of composition.

Further work by Alice Lenkiewicz can be found on:

Simon Mack (curator-july’09)

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Alice Lenkiewicz