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The Gallery Liverpool & Baltic Social: Threshold Festival 2016 Exhibition

Friday 1 – Sunday 10 April 2016
The Gallery Liverpool and Baltic Social

Threshold 2016 Exhibition continues… at The Gallery Liverpool and Baltic Social

Threshold Festival music and performance may have finished for another year, but our exhibition ‘Alchemy: Materials and Transformation’ continues until the evening of Sunday, 10th April. The festival exhibition spanned 9 venues across the Baltic Triangle during 1st, 2nd and 3rd of April. As the festival closed, artwork was combined and re-presented. Elements have merged together, distilling themes, forms and imagery to create a new narrative.

The exhibition features interpretations of Alchemy, alchemical symbolism and the mysterious arts of transmutation. Participating artists have explored the versatility and changeable nature of materials. Work includes photography, painting and illustration, sculpture, mixed media installation and works that develop and change.

Open free of charge, drop in to see a diverse range of art and art forms, at The Gallery Liverpool, 41 Stanhope street and also in The Baltic Social (post room)

The Gallery Liverpool will be open: Wednesday 1–5pm, Thursday 11am–5pm, Friday 12–6pm, Saturday 1–5pm and Sunday 12-4pm.

The Baltic Social is open: Wednesday – Friday 9am to midnight, Saturday 10am to midnight and Sunday 10am to 11pm

Featured artists at The Gallery Liverpool:
Aalenian, Mina Bihi, James Bowman, Clare Brumby, Mark Chapman, Joe Cotgrave, Max da Silva Willis, Ruth Dillon, Hollie Donnelly, Robert Flynn, GLORYBOX & Eclipse Dark Room, Jon Gregson, Catherine Harrison, Leon Jakeman, Josie Jenkins, Kaloseidos, Eimear Kavanagh, Laura Lomax, Alban Low, Andy Minnis, Moltzau, Julia Neubauer, Ted Oonk, Klaus Pinter, Road Studios, Jim Sharp, Carolyn Sinclair, Jazamin Sinclair, STWilliams, Pamela Sullivan, Wendy Williams
The Baltic Social hosts a group show entitled ‘To Obscurity and Back’ presented by The Forgotten Art Collective (Steve Threlfall, Tristan Brady-Jacobs and Keith Webber). Find out more on their website:

For more information about Threshold Festival, please visit our website at