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The Gallery Liverpool: The Art and Craft of Politics – Alex Corina

unnamed-227 March – 24 April 2015

Mon – Fri 10.30am – 4pm


Preview 27 March 7pm

An exhibition which combines art and politics to tackle the impact of austerity.

Celebrated Liverpool artist Alex Corina has created a series of new works prompted by five years of the Cameron and Clegg Coalition. At its centre is The Coalition Cycle – a potent symbol of the contradictions and competition between different ideologies contained within the Coalition’s term in office.

“The cycle is a bike heading in two directions at once and is a surreal response to the all too real and damaging consequences of a Government pulling in different directions,” said Alex.

Alex has also adapted the familiar Highway Code to create new road signs which highlight the impact of austerity measures and the Coalition’s economic policies on the NHS and the Welfare state.

Alex is best known for his work the Mona Lennon, the image used to brand and promote Liverpool’s status as European Capital of Culture 2008.

The Gallery Liverpool, 41 Stanhope Street, Liverpool, L8 5RE