Look11: The Gallery Liverpool at Baltic Creative

Fragile_Small-Anita-Smith-100LOOK2011-logoThe Baltic Creative (B22 Jordan St) 4 April – 30 June 2011 (Light Night & Look 2011)
The Gallery Liverpool will curate two shows in The Baltic Creative space around the central theme of Look2011 “City of Radicals and Social Justice”. “Inside HM Prison Manchester” by Stephanie de Leng and  “Asylum Seekers” by Anita Smith

are intended to make the viewer set their normal prejudices and assumptions aside, and to look at justice from another angle.  The exhibitions are by appointment only but the venue will be open between 6.00 – 9pm on May 13 for the Light Night and the artists will be present to discuss their works.  Please call The Gallery Liverpool 0151 709 2442 / 07791 522297 or The Baltic Creative 0151 703 2005 should you wish to view this unique work.

Stephanie de Leng

Fragile – Anita Smith