The Gallery Clayton Sq: ‘No Regrets’ Mike Carter

17 – 30 July 2011 at The Gallery in Clayton Square. ‘No Regrets’ by Mike Carter.
Viewing: Saturday 16th July from 13.30 – 15.30 with Live Entertainment from Jules.

Imagine being convicted of a crime you didn’t commit? Being sentenced to years of imprisonment when you were not guilty? Would you have ‘No Regrets?’

Today Mike Carter is celebrating his freedom, after unfairly losing six years of his life, with this exquisite exhibition: ‘No Regrets!’ Having been wrongly sent down in 1998, he turned this injust act to his benefit by using the system as they had used him! Instead of becoming bitter and twisted whilst inside he re-educated himself and gained qualifications in art!

Mike is currently studying Fine Art at John Moore’s University and realised after his first art lesson in prison that he had found a new passion in his life!

He still insists that he hated every moment away from his family. But when you ask him does he regret how things panned out for him? He replys :’not for one second, I learned so much, not just educational but about myself and it gave me a talent and passion that I never thought existed, my art. It got me to where I am today and who I am today and for that I can have no regrets!’


Exhibition Dates:
17th – 30th July from 12.30pm – 5pm, Weds – Saturdays.

Madelainartz: First Floor, Clayton Square, Shopping Centre, Liverpool L1 1QR

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