Royal Standard – DEADPAN

deadpan-100image DEADPAN
29 October – 28 November 2010
Preview: Thursday 28 October 2010, 17.00 – 21.00 (including a performance by David Sherry)

With a good glug of irony and a sarcastic nod, DEADPAN gives a kick up the arse to the utter mess of an art world at a point of oversaturation by questioning strategies used by artists to make new work.

Considering mimicry and the referential alongside the blatancy of homage, DEADPAN presents with barefaced cheek a ‘pastichised’ viewpoint of art with lampooning consequences; providing a glimpse into the dirty world of satire within contemporary art today.

David Sherry
Jamie Shovlin
Jess Flood-Paddock
Jock Mooney
Josephine Flynn
Laura Ford
Laurina Paperina
Miles Thurlow
Noel Clueit
Toby Huddlestone

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