The Art Gallery: Order and Chaos

flyera17 June – 6 July

Open daily 11.00 – 17.00

Free admission

Order and Chaos is an exhibition of art from local and national artists who have put their own interpretation of the theme into individual forms of expression and creativity using a variety of mediums and approaches.

Automatic drawing, pattern and texture, horizontal and vertical lines, elements that create an aesthetic dialogue on the canvas, alchemy, chaos of the mind, geometric shapes and patterns, the creation of multiple layers of differently applied paint, people and situations, abstractions of space and time, distortions in memory, the chaos of modern society, detournement of objects and the psychology behind personal identity are just a few of the elements that define how the artists have approached their works and responded to this theme.

Artists Exhibiting:


Robert Nolan,Peter Griffiths,William Johnston, Roman Taher, Eimear Kavanagh, Greg Herbert, Olivia Grace, Jennifer Khalil, Howard Gardener, Emily Higgs-Bayliss, Lisa Langan, Catherine Harrison, Alison Little, Colin Serjent, Peter Barker, George Lund, Tashya Campbell, Kate Watson,Terry Kane and Neil Rice.

The Art Gallery , 30 Stanley Road, L20 2AA (opposite the old Swifts building)