The Art Gallery: Holigramafik

unnamed-310 – 28 February

12.30 – 17.30 Monday – Saturday

Private View: 8 February, 19.00 – 21.00

There’s more going on than meets the eyes! To see you need to look with more than just your eyes… Realising there’s nothing without something and the parts create the whole.

The artwork personifies different facets of life and happenings within the realms of time and space. Georges’ wonderfully vibrant images depict a world and its’ inhabitants as harmonising in this, short, “dance of life” in which all living things are of equal worth as all are made from and at the same source out there in here at the Holigramafik. These are the thoughts of Guru Chicken George:
”Hen pecked cooped up longing for the day to be a liberated chicken within the Holigramafik funking prison. The day will come within the chicken cosmos when eggterrestral entrails boil and fry into the Yellow Egronomic Hole. May the Chicken lickin giblets be with you. P’sittin feathers now I don’t give a cluck in hell.”
Peters’ images point toward a hidden source of eggergy from which everything “hatches”. His starting point is often unknown and the images develop as the image in his head boils over into a story behind what he is seeing in the Holigramafik.
The pieces of work on display cover a number of years in the artists portfolios, from the mid 1980s to 2014, the near past for us, yet present in the work. In the “Holigramafik” Multiverse there is no time at all.
For further information on George Lund and Peter Barker:


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