Wilfred Owen Gallery – Addicted To Art, Ceramic Catharsis

Addicted To Art, Ceramic Catharsis at the Wilfred Owen Story and Gallery, 34 Argyle St, Birkenhead. Exhibition Friday 18th March – Saturday 16th April 2011
Paintings by George Gardner (his first exhibition) alongside ceramics by Janet Holmes.

The great WW1 poet Wilfred Owen is to be commemorated with a permanent exhibition in Birkenhead, Merseyside The Wilfred Owen Story and Gallery.

The aim of the Gallery is to help people find their own voice and encourage them to use it in the same cathartic effect as Owen did.

George Gardner will be the premier artist In this amazing Gallery that hopes to establish its self as a world meeting place were people can discuss and be creative in a peaceful environment, a tranquillity and peacefulness that was hard won by Wilfred and all those that fell in war.

This is George Gardner’s first exhibition, which is a fantastic celebration in its self. A real survival story, his work is confessional and many people will see hidden emotions in the pictures that may have lay dormant within themselves.

George says “What do you do when your world has been falling apart for most of your life? Who do you turn to when the people you thought were your best mates turn out to be your worst enemies? What is there left in your life when everything you have done has gone wrong and you are left with nothing?”  What George did was to create brilliantly intricate piece that are like a window to your soul.


Along side Georges work is a complete contrast. The sculptural ceramics of Janet Holmes, a person that has fitted into the roles in her life as many women have to. She has been a round peg in a square hole and now through her ceramics she has found a voice that has been subdued for years. She is an inspiration to anyone who wishes to break the mould and be themselves at last.

Exhibition Friday 18th March – Saturday 16th April

The Wilfred Owen Story and Gallery
34 Argyle Street
CH41 6AE

Tuesday – Saturday – 10.00am – 5.00pm
The Wilfred Owen Story and Gallery – www.wilfredowenstory.com
George Gardner – http://www.birkenheadymca.co.uk/HTML/Stories/George-Gardner.html
Janet Holmes – www.ceramicrock.co.uk

c. George Gardner