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VG&M: Liverpool Biennial The Unexpected Guest

15 September – 25 November 2012

Paul Rooney
Here Comes Franz
He Was Afraid
A solo exhibition of recent work including  a work using the changing light sequence  on the Active Learning Laboratory by the  Liverpool artist to celebrate the Victoria  Gallery & Museum’s acquisition of The  Futurist, through the Contemporary Art Society. The works in the exhibition often  focus on the absurd, imagined nature of social and individual remembrance.

Judith Barry, Jennifer Chan, Adham  Faramawy, LuckyPDF, Ming Wong,  Anahita Razmi, Jemima Wyman, Queer Technologies, Kristin Lucas,  and Angelo Plessas
Liverpool Biennial and FACT are working in  partnership with Rhizome, a New Museum  affiliate in New York City. Rhizome is  dedicated to the creation, presentation,  preservation, and critique of emerging  artistic practices that engage technology. will host a weekly-curated  online programme. Each week, an  artist has been invited to respond to the
theme of hospitality and to be ‘hosted’  in Rhizome’s virtual space – presenting  a hyper-linked media programme that
explores cross currents in contemporary  media culture.