Unity Theatre: Influence of the doll by Collette Rothnie

Unity Theatre: Influence of the doll by Collette Rothnie

28 February – 31 March 2012

Viewing: 28 Febuary 18 – 19:30

A professional printmaker and artist. Collette’s work is about the
influence of the doll on mankind using bold and stunning images and
crafted with a keen eye and passion for her craft..

“I chose the doll as my subject because of the important role that it
plays in our every day lives.  The doll has influenced and inspired me
to create works of art as an artist. The main focus of my work will be
to show how the doll affects all of our lives without us being
conscious of it and how it has influenced us in both past and present
times. The doll is much more than a play thing for children as we are
often led to believe. The doll itself has a bigger priority in the
role of mankind than first realise. It has a part in our every day
existence which is more extensive than we think. It is a silent image,
yet not silent, as it has a greater influence on the way we present,
and live our lives in today’s society.”

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