One of the themes of the Biennial is ‘The Unexpected Guest’. So it should come as no surprise
that Art in Liverpool writers Andy Johnson and Shelagh Cullity have come up with the idea of an
unexpected guest at this year’s Biennial – an Art Discussion club. A proposal has been sent to Sally
Tarrant, the director of the Biennial and she has approved it.

Every Sunday afternoon, from 2 – 3, starting on the 28th October, there will an Art Discussion Club
where anyone can meet to discuss a piece of Biennial art in an informal manner where everyone’s
views are valid.

Everyone will be made to feel relaxed and comfortable whether they know a little or a lot about
contemporary art. The idea is that the club will be friendly, fun but also thought provoking. Just like
everyone reads a book differently everyone also views art differently so it will be a great way to
share your views and learn about others.

These are not curator or artist led talks so anything could happen but everyone will be made to feel
safe and we are certain unexpected insights will be revealed.

Andy and Shelagh will be the main facilitators and both have experience writing about art and
leading discussion groups. Andy is also a volunteer with the Biennial.

There is no membership fee or club card so anyone can turn up. The plan is to have the final as an
art club lunch and details of this will be revealed during the course of the meetings.


The Art Discussion Club will meet at these dates and venues.

28/10 –  2-3 –  Copperas Hill – Unexpected Guest – Jorge Macchi – Refraction – Andy

4/11 – 2-3 – Copperas Hill – City States – Taus Makhacheva – Topography of Masculinity – Andy & Shelagh

11/11 – 2-3 – Cunnard Building – Water Street – Nadia Kaabi-Linke – No; Parkverbot – Shelagh

18/11 – 2-3 – Tea Factory – Wood Street – Sabelo Mlangeni – My storie; Men only – Andy & Shelagh



For further information contact Andy at andrewjohnson5@sky.com or Shelagh