The World of Glass: The Camera Club’s Annual Exhibition

Until 22 July

Admission: Free

The man who shoots flies
Most people swat flies and wasps but John Chorley shoots them – with his camera. Whenever he has a spare moment he’s out hunting insects around his home in Dentons Green. And his amazingly detailed pictures of flies, wasps, moths and dragonflies have won the St Helens Camera Club member a reputation as a real expert in macro photography.
Visitors to the Club’s annual exhibition at The World of Glass are currently being confronted by a giant image of a robber fly. John spotted the insect – and captured it on camera – on a grassy bank just off the East Lancs Road, one of his favourite hunting grounds. “This is a great hobby for me because I can fit it in around my work and other commitments,” says John, who got interested in macro photography four years ago.
“Some photographers have to travel all over the country or abroad to get their shots but I can find good subjects just in my back yard – ninety nine per cent of my photos are taken in and around St Helens. You have to be careful at times though. I once put my foot in a wasps’ nest and only just realised in time that I’d better start running instead of trying to photograph them!”
The Camera Club’s Annual Exhibition is being staged by the St Helens Council Arts Service and runs at The World of Glass.
The wide range of work by members includes landscapes and portraits as well as natural history.
For more information please contact Roy West on 0151 652 9606 or 07899 938621.