The Walker Art Gallery: Liverpool Biennial The Unexpected Guest

15 September – 25 November 2012

Patrick Murphy
Belonging, 2012
Banished from city centres and branded  a nuisance, pigeons will become a familiar  sight at the Walker Art Gallery during  the Biennial, when around 150 brightly coloured birds will adorn the exterior  of the gallery. Belonging elevates the very  familiar site of pigeons from their everyday  urban context; here they are welcome,  colourful visitors.

Enrico David
Madreperlage, 2003
David works in painting, sculpture and  collage, often drawing on craft techniques.  Madreperlage characteristically includes semi-grotesque theatrical figures as well  as elements that veer towards the  vocabulary of design. The exhibition is part of  The Arts Council Collection Partnerships supported by  Christie’s, a new collaboration between the Arts Council  Collection and four regional museums to develop a  dynamic programme of displays and exhibitions based  on loans from the Collection.